Christine Freeman graduated with a B.A. in English and B.F.A. Honours from Queen’s University in Kingston, and went on to complet her B.Ed at Western University…Read more

Christine Freeman

Jimmy Chia has been teaching for 15 years, and brings a variety of experiences in education to the Sophio team. Having completed his Undergrad at York University…Read more

Jimmy Chia

Kelda Cloutier, BSc, MST, trained in physics and math at the University of Toronto, graduating to manage the day to day operations of a satellite launching company in Toronto…Read more

Kelda Cloutier

Hello. My name Is Mark Soucy and I’ve have been teaching science and math for over 19 years. I have taught all over Canada. Before my teaching career started, I was a chemist at…Read more

Mark Soucy
Lauren Dehens holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Bachelor of Education degree from Western University in London, Ontario. Here she focused on teaching…Read more
Lauren Dehens
I grew up in a small northern Ontario town called Blind River. The place I grew up was probably a significant factor in the fact that I developed a love for trees, lakes, and…Read more
Tyler Wiebe