1. Eligibility

In order to be eligible, you need to have finished your home country’s school program up to the equivalent of grade 11 in Canada.

The application process involves a few steps, and each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You need a copy of your latest official transcript (in English), which our principal will review as part of the process to determine whether you have the prerequisites for enrolling in our courses.

2. Start Learning

We have made learning fun and interesting for long-term mastery.

Once you are admitted to our school, you are free to start taking courses at your own pace. Every course is made up of different modules or subsections, each focusing on a specific area that you will need to master. You will work at your own pace and submit your assignments and tests online, while a teacher is always on hand to answer all your questions.

3. Get Your Diploma

Your Ontario Secondary School Diploma will open the doors to your future career at universities and colleges worldwide.

To graduate from our school with an OSSD, you need to take a minimum of eight courses in grade 12 with us. Upon passing those courses, our principal will sign your diploma and send it to you, setting you on the path to your chosen future career.

4. Apply to Post-Secondary

We will be there to help you with the application process

We are committed to ensuring that each of our students is able to achieve the post-secondary education they deserve. Our counsellors will help you with the application process, writing letters of intent, and sending your grades to colleges and universities. Your success is our success, and we will proudly do everything in our power to help you achieve your dreams.