Founded in 1948, Ryerson is a research university in Toronto, Ontario, and is estimated to have around 45 000 students working on well over 100 undergrad and graduate programs.

Ryerson is all about career-driven education and innovation, and they consistently work towards positively impacting people’s lives with projects like reimagining the future of air travel through noise reduction and improved technology to enhance passenger comfort. Projects such as these attract worldwide attention, which in turn attracts funding resulting in improved facilities and equipment for the school.

Your Sophio diploma with competitive grades for the area of study you’d like to enroll in is a standard requirement for admission to Ryerson, plus non-academic requirements such as an audition, essay or interview. Ryerson’s six faculties include:

  • The Faculty of Arts
  • The Faculty of Communication & Design

  • The Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science

  • The Faculty of Community Services

  • The Faculty of Science

  • The Ted Rogers School of Management

More information about Ryerson, including admission requirements, can be found here: