The University of Waterloo is famously known for its cooperative educational programs, giving students the opportunity to integrate their education to related work experience.

UW is said to operate the largest cooperative program in the world, with well over 17,000 undergraduate students enrolled in 140 cooperative educational programs. The school is consistently ranked in the top ten universities in Canada in terms of performance and graduate employability.

Other accolades include high rankings in the fields of computer science, engineering and mathematics – the school of engineering in particular, ranked first in Canada in 2012.

Founded in 1956 in Waterloo, Ontario, today UW is equipped with 13 faculty-based schools within 6 Faculties:

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Faculty of Applied sciences

  • Faculty of Arts

  • Faculty of Environment

  • Faculty of mathematics

  • Faculty of Science

Enrolment at Waterloo differs according to where a student obtained their secondary school diploma, and minimum averages are always dependent on the demand for a particular program, but the admissions office states that a minimum average of 80% is required for consideration.  During 2014 admissions, however, the average was as high as 89.3%, and during 2012 it rose to 91.1%.

Visit the school’s website for up-to-date admission information: