The career planning was put in full implementation in September 2014 by the Ontario ministry of education. The purpose of the program is to help the students to achieve their life goals as well as help you become competent and successful members of society.

To this note, we offer a comprehensive career plan with goals to ensure the following;

  • That all students develop the knowledge and skills, they need to make informed education and career/life choices through the effective application of a four-step inquiry process
  • Also, to provide an opportunity for this learning process through our curriculum as well as our educational channel
  • Engage parents and the broader community in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the program to support students in their learning.

This program is also geared at helping the student identify their needs, strengths, and personal interest and aspiration with their self-knowledge and to provide a range of various engaging learning opportunities for them which are backed up with practical steps.

The career program is further compounded into various other courses all students take to allow them better engage in it.

There are three (3) areas of learning which constitutes the career planning according to the ministry’s guidelines. These include;

  • Student developments which comprise of student habits and skills which are necessary for learning.
  • Career development which comprises of the knowledge which is needed by students to set short- and long-term goals in planning for the long run (their future).
  • And interpersonal developments which is all about the knowledge and skills needed to associate/get along with others.

The program is meant to support all three areas of career planning to relate them to both careers as well as education. The sequence is designed so that students can scale through all areas of life which include achieving their ambitions, make a positive contribution to their societies as well as make a great transition through life.

After undergoing the career program, you can be most definitely assured as a parent that your child will be living secondary with self-assurance in their ability to implement, and revise or adapt, their plan throughout their lives as they and the world around them change. This puts students in charge of the outcome of their lives no matter the situation they will be faced with in the future.

This program is enlisted in the school’s curriculum by the Ontario ministry of education, and that makes it a part of all student’s requirements while attaining a secondary school diploma. Thus all students are eligible for enrollment.