The University of British Columbia, or UBC as it is commonly known, was established in 1908 in Vancouver, BC, and has gone on to become one of Canada’s top 3 universities, as well as amongst the top 20 research universities in the world.

With an annual research budget of over $600 million, over 8000 student projects are funded across hundreds of programs every year in the school’s incredible facilities. UBC is home to the Cyclotron, a particle accelerator invented in 1929-30, and located at Canada’s Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics.

On a worldwide scale, UBC is ranked 5th in Ecology, 10th in Computer Sciences and 38th in Business and Management. In 2019, during the Academic Ranking of World Universities, UBC ranked 3rd in Canada, and 43rd overall worldwide.

The UBC motto of ‘it is up to you, it is yours,’ has impacted the lives of countless graduates over the years, most notably 71 Rhodes Scholars, 8 Nobel Laureates, 65 Olympians, and 3 Canadian Prime Ministers.

UBC’s admission requirements are second only to McGill’s, with around 50% of applicants being offered a place. These requirements differ between faculties and courses, and students who are not admitted to their first choice of course may request that the university evaluate their second choice.

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