The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, or OSSLT, is a standard literacy skill assessment framework designed to test a student’s literacy level and ensure they meet regional secondary school graduation requirements.

The test is taken during the Grade 10 school year, or in the school year following the year in which a student enters Grade 9 unless a deferral is granted in special cases.

The OSSLT is scheduled and administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office once each year, usually in the spring, giving students from Canada and abroad the opportunity to prepare for the test and improve their literacy skills ahead of time.

Some points to note about taking the OSSLT:

  • The OSSLT is to be taken in the language of instruction of the school in which the student is enrolled at the time the test is administered. Our primary language at Sophio is English, and therefore Sophio students are required to complete the test in English.

  • A student who has completed the OSSLT at another institution, whether in English or another language, will be considered to have met the standard literacy graduation requirements, and therefore will not have to retake the test after transferring to the receiving board.

  • Students who are English language learners may be entitled to special provision forms as outlined in the education ministry’s guidelines.

  • Accommodation must be made for students with special education needs in accordance with the details of their IEP, which must be sent to the school body beforehand.

  • Students who don’t meet the test requirements are offered feedback designed to identify problem areas and suggest remediation measures, giving them the opportunity to improve and re-take the test. According to educational policy guidelines, should a student not meet the OSSLT requirements, Sophio is required to provide remedial assistance designed to improve literacy skills and prepare for a positive testing outcome in the future.

  • Students who do not or could not complete the OSSLT for some reason, are given the opportunity to retake the test in subsequent years. Once students have successfully completed the OSSLT, they make not retake it.